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What You Need to Know About Ridge Expansion or Modification

Posted on 3/1/2024 by Weo Admin
illustration of a bone graft for ridge preservationAn adequate bone volume is needed for successful work during the dental implant procedure. However, in some patients, jawbone loss prevents this process. When this occurs, dental surgeons use bone grafts to increase the width and height of the jaw, allowing efficient dental implant placement.

Causes of Teeth Bone Loss

Within a few years of losing teeth, bone loss results from the body tending to quit supporting the remaining bone in that location. Loss of teeth and, eventually, bone loss in the mouth can result from periodontal disorders. Smoking is a key contributor to periodontal disease, which deteriorates the gums and severely reduces bone density. Teeth that are not positioned correctly can cause bone loss and interfere with how the mouth chews.

Steps in a Ridge Expansion or Modification

Ridge expansion or modification is a specialized dental procedure designed to address bone loss in the jaw ridge. This technique involves the careful addition of bone graft materials, which are expertly integrated with the existing natural bone to encourage new bone growth. Typically, this crucial step is undertaken prior to the placement of dental implants, ensuring a solid foundation for these restorations.

The Steps Performed During Ridge Expansion and Modification

The doctor will begin lifting the gum from the bone ridge to expose the affected area. Then the area is then filled with a healthy bone graft material that helps build the height. Finally, the area is closed to allow proper healing to take place.

Type of Bone Graft Material Used During Ridge Expansion

In ridge expansion procedures, dental surgeons often opt for the most commonly used type of bone graft, which is typically sourced from somewhere in the body of the patient. This autograft bone is usually harvested from areas like the chin or the upper jaw near the last tooth. In cases where a substantial amount of bone is required, the graft may be obtained from larger areas such as the knee or hip.

For a deeper understanding and expert dental advice, do not hesitate to visit our OMS specialist. They are equipped with the knowledge and skills to guide you through your dental health journey. Remember, the right advice can make all the difference in your smile and overall well-being.

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