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Foods to Avoid When Your TMJ Hurts

Posted on 9/30/2016 by Dr. Michael Allard
A man suffering from jaw pain after eating.TMJ is the abbreviation that is used to describe a condition with the temporomandibular joint. The temporomandibular joint is the joint that connects your jaw to your skull. When someone suffers from temporomandibular joint disorder, they experience chronic pain in the face and jaw and may have issues with their jaw popping or cracking when they open their mouth.

The pain will typically be focused in and around the jaw, but can extend up the face leading to frequent headaches and even earaches. TMD is a chronic condition that may require the patient to undergo medical treatment as well as many self-care measures to manage the symptoms associated with TMD.
If you are struggling with TMD you can make changes to your diet in an effort to not irritate the condition of your jaw.

Foods Not to Eat with TMJ

When your TMJ is flaring up it may seem as though eating anything is impossible. There are things that are better to eat than others. Here is a list of foods that you should make an effort to avoid if your TMJ is flaring up.

•  Crunchy foods - If you have issues with your TMJ it would be wise for you to avoid crunchy foods. Foods like chips, popcorn, hard candy and crunchy vegetables can aggravate the TMJ leading to more pain. Instead, opt for cooked vegetables and softer foods that are easier to chew.
•  Chewy foods - Avoid chewy foods when your TMJ is acting up. When you have to chew on tougher meats, chewing gum, and/or chewy candies your jaw has to work overtime
•  which inevitably will lead to joint pain.
•  Fatty foods - Believe it or not, fatty foods have been proven to increased inflammation of the TMJ and therefore can lead to pain and discomfort.
•  Large bites - Take care to cut your food into small bites so that you are not required to open your mouth too far and chew too vigorously.

Having TMD is not the end of the world, though it might sometimes seem that way. Follow the guidelines above and taking care to avoid the mention foods and you might find that living with TMD is not all that unmanageable.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your TMJ or jaw pain.
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