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Signs You Have Uneven Jaw Growth

Posted on 5/27/2017 by Dr. Michael Allard

Glendale, AZ

A woman suffering from an uneven jaw.Having an uneven jaw is something that some people are able to live with, as the difference is negligible. However, when the differences between both jaws is larger or is growing, the problems are going to keep coming.

Uneven jaws can lead to many different problems, plus they can leave you in pain. If you aren't sure if your jaws are even, or if you need help correcting the problem, your oral surgeon should be the first place you turn.

Common Signs Your Jaw is Uneven

If your jaw is growing unevenly, it often starts off as an overbite or an underbite, depending on which jaw is growing faster. That difference between the jaws then continues to grow, and eventually becomes more prominent. This can lead to an appearance change, causing your face to become less symmetrical and more uneven.

Your ability to speak or chew can decrease as your jaw shifts, and even placing your teeth together can become a painful experience. You may develop a lisp, or start showing signs of a speech impediment, such as slurring your words. Swallowing can also become a problem with uneven jaw growth.

If you suspect that your jaw is growing unevenly, it is important that you have it checked as soon as possible. The earlier the monitoring can begin, the better off your mouth health can remain, and the fewer negative side effects you are likely to experience.

Your oral surgeon can often go in and reduce the size of your larger jaw so that both jaws can come together properly.

This can allow your teeth to fit back together right, which can improve your ability to swallow, chew, and speak. Contact our office for what options you have to correct any uneven jaw growth today, by reaching out to your oral surgeon.
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