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Does Gum Increase Your Risk of TMJ Pain?

Posted on 7/10/2019 by Dr. Michael Allard
Does Gum Increase Your Risk of TMJ Pain?There are plenty of reasons that people chew gum. It can help them if they are nervous. It can help with the problem of bad breath. For some people it is a habit they enjoy.

If a person has TMJ, they need to ask themselves a question. Is chewing gum something that will aggravate the condition and cause them more pain. To answer that, they need to find out more information.

Does Chewing Gum Cause TMJ?

There is a difference between something causing a problem and something making a problem worse. It is not likely that chewing gum will cause TMJ. TMJ is a result of trauma to the joint or something else happening that causes the joint to become misaligned.

Most people who chew gum will stop before their jaw gets so tired that it causes damage. Unless a person continues chewing gum when their jaw hurts, they will not end up with TMJ from chewing gum.

Chewing Gum Can Cause Problems with TMJ

For someone already struggling with TMJ, the idea of chewing gum is different. The constant movement of the jaw that happens when you chew gum can put additional strain on the jaw muscles and on the joint. It can turn a minor discomfort into more severe pain. It can actually make a minor issue with TMJ much worse.

There are also studies that show a link between chewing gum and migraine headaches. Repeated and intense migraine headaches are one of the symptoms of TMJ. It is difficult to ignore the connection of chewing gum, migraines and TMJ.

There are dental health benefits to chewing gum, but if a person suffers from TMJ, the benefits they get for their teeth is not always worth the problems they face with their TMJ. It is something a person with TMJ needs to learn more about.

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