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Some Bony Growths in Your Mouth Can Be Normal

Posted on 6/21/2021 by Dr. Michael Allard
Some Bony Growths in Your Mouth Can Be NormalBony growths in your mouth are also known as exostosis or tori. They are primarily benign growths that can lead to the formation of growths in the roof of your mouth. They can also appear on the gum on either outside of the jaw along the cheeks or lips or the inside of your lower jaw. Typically, you do not have to worry about these growths because they do not pose any threat to your oral health. Here are some different causes of bony growth in your mouth.

Calcium Deposits

Calcium deposits are the hard areas of calcium accumulation that lead to the formation of growth following damage to bone or other nearby tissues. When you sustain an injury, calcium is rushed to the wound to help it repair. In some cases, excessive calcium is sent to the damaged area, which ends up staying at that site, eventually hardening into a bony growth.


Another possible cause of bony growth in your mouth region is a poor bite, also known as malocclusion. When you bite inappropriately, it might lead to uneven distribution of pressure throughout your jaws. Some areas will receive higher pressure than average. Besides, when your bite is off, your body will attempt to realign itself properly. The constant tension and stress cause the growth of additional bone material to protect the teeth. This will lead to bony growth.

Bone Spurs

This is a smooth growth that forms on the edge of bones, mostly where two bones meet. They occur when your body attempts to heal the damage caused to the cartilage or bone. In most cases, bone spurs affect those who have conditions like spondylosis or osteoarthritis. However, this condition does not cause any damage to your teeth. Therefore, if you have any growths in your mouth, visit our offices for proper diagnosis and treatment.
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