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How To Tell If You Could Benefit from a Dental Bridge?

Posted on 12/23/2021 by Dr. Michael Allard
How To Tell If You Could Benefit from a Dental Bridge?If you have lost your tooth/teeth, it is essential that you fill the gaps left for better oral health. Having gaps in your mouth could result in cases of jaw misalignment, bite problems, and, in some cases, speech problems.

Getting a dental bridge is one of the most reliable ways of replacing lost teeth. These oral appliances fill open gaps and improve your overall oral structure. Therefore, if you have a smile problem, speech problem, eating difficulties caused by a missing tooth/teeth, you can benefit from a dental bridge.

Smile Problems

If you have smile problems after a tooth loss, you could benefit from a dental bridge. This is more likely to be the case, especially if you have missing front teeth. Dental bridges will help improve your smile and appearance significantly. As a result, you will be more confident and have the courage to interact with others freely. Dental bridges also prevent facial collapse due to missing teeth, keeping your appearance and smile intact.

Speech Problems

After a tooth loss, you might struggle to pronounce some words, hence, speech problems. If you are experiencing that, you can benefit from dental bridges. These oral appliances replace your missing teeth and restore your ability to pronounce difficult words. However, you need to practice pronouncing these words before achieving the fluency you need. You can do so by reading out loud from your favorite novel or having long conversations with people you are comfortable with.

Eating Difficulties

Having a missing tooth can make it hard to enjoy some foods. This is due to the gap present in your mouth that can get sensitive when exposed to certain foods. Dental bridges will help fix this problem by replacing your lost teeth. Contact our offices for more information on why dental bridges are important if you have missing teeth.
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