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Are Dental Implants Safe?
Glendale, AZ

Woman sitting in chair after getting a dental implant by her Glendale oral surgeon at Arrowhead Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Find Out If Implants Are Right for You

Since dental implants are composed from titanium, many people assume that metal allergies disqualify them from the tooth replacement procedure. While it’s certainly a possibility, the fact that you have a metal allergy does not in itself determine your eligibility for dental implants.

Dental implants are a preferred method of tooth replacement and enjoy a high satisfaction rate among patients, but are they right for you? With any surgical procedure, there are risks involved. During dental implant surgery, an opening is created in the jaw bone, in which a titanium post is placed. The post fuses with the bone in a healing process that lasts three to six months. At this point, the final restoration is placed and the maintenance of your implant begins.

There are several points along the process where risk must be managed. This is why your selection of an implant dentistry expert is critical. If you had an extraction due to disease or tooth pain in Glendale, AZ schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael Allard to avoid the risks that may be associated with a dental implant procedure, including:
•  Having an allergic reaction to the metal post
•  Contracting infection during the healing process
•  Peri-implantitis due to oral neglect

Implant Risks After Extraction Due to Disease or Tooth Pain

Having an Allergic Reaction to Metal

Some patients may have metal allergies and believe that they are not good candidates for a dental implant. Metal allergy effects can manifest as symptoms like rash or fatigue. A metal allergy, however, will not necessarily preclude you from eligibility. The most common metal allergies include nickel and cobalt. The material used in a dental implant is generally pure titanium or a titanium alloy which is safely used for implants throughout the body. Disclose any metal allergy during your consultation with Dr. Michael Allard in order to determine the best replacement method for you.

Contracting Infection During the Healing Process

The healing process takes place for several months. During this time, diligent oral care and adherence to post-implant procedure instructions are vital to the success of your implant.

Peri-implantitis Due to Oral Neglect

Much like your natural gum tissue can become infected when your fail to brush and floss, the tissue around your dental implant can be affected by the bacteria that cause gum disease. When the infected tissue surrounds an implant, it is referred to as peri-implantitis and is a threat to your replacement. This can be avoided with a proper brushing and flossing regimen, coupled with regular professional cleanings and checkups.

Dental implants are a safe and effective means of replacing missing teeth in adults. If you are concerned about the possible risks associated with this tooth replacement method, contact Dr. Michael Allard in Glendale, AZ for a consultation today.

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Patients often have questions about the safety and long term health of dental implants. At Arrowhead OMS, we will review all information with you and invite questions and concerns.
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