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Facial Trauma
Glendale, AZ

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Middle aged couple embracing, after facial truama surgery in Glendale at Arrowhead Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.Facial trauma is a serious injury, because not only can it affect your look, but can lead to serious complications down the line. Examples of facial trauma we treat include:
•  Car accidents
•  Sporting accidents
•  Work-related incidents
•  Fractured bones
•  Knocked out teeth

Visit a Specialist for Facial Trauma or Broken Jaw

Facial trauma may occur as a result of an injury related to sports, work, or even a car accident. It may include fractured bones, knocked out teeth, or lacerations. This type of trauma requires a specialist familiar with the bones and nerves of the face, mouth and jaw to preserve and rebuild function and appearance. An oral and maxillofacial surgeon has the special training and qualifications to treat a range of facial trauma conditions, from lacerations to broken bones.

If you have sustained a facial fracture or broken jaw, schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael Allard in Glendale, AZ. Dr. Allard is a skilled oral and maxillofacial surgeon who is uniquely qualified to treat facial injuries, including:
•  Soft tissue
•  Bones of the face and jaw
•  Teeth and surrounding area

Soft Tissue

Soft tissue refers to the skin and gums. When repairing damage caused by facial trauma to this tissue, it is critical to consider the nerves, arteries and glands that may also need care. Oral surgeons have the specialized training and knowledge to treat the injury you have sustained while achieving the best cosmetic result possible.

Bones of the Face and Jaw

Facial bones present a challenge, as they cannot be placed in a cast like other parts of the body, and care must be provided while reducing the visibility of both the treatment and the effects of the facial trauma. Plates and screws inserted through small incisions may be utilized to hold the bones in place while they heal. Jaws may be wired together to minimize movement.

Teeth and Surrounding Area

Facial trauma of the teeth may include damage, fracture, or displacement. Dr. Allard provides treatment to restore the health and appearance of teeth that have sustained injury, from crowns to dental implants. When a tooth structure cannot be saved and must be extracted, a dental implant can be an ideal substitute.

When trauma or injury has occurred to the facial or oral regions, the skilled hands of an expert are necessary to maintain function and appearance. Contact Dr. Allard today for your oral and maxillofacial consultation in Glendale, AZ.

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If you have sustained a facial fracture or broken jaw, call Dr. Michael Allard in Glendale, AZ. Dr. Allard is a skilled oral and maxillofacial surgeon who is uniquely qualified to treat facial injuries.
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